1st Anniversary & Re-Launching Event
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Kuala Lumpur 30th September 2016 – MORCO COFFEE, the Finest Artisan Coffee that was specially designed to serve freshly brewed artisan coffee and decent food. MORCO COFFEE was established in 2015 and currently own two outlets.

For over the past year, MORCO COFFEE demonstrated a passion for serving the finest espresso coffee and hand-brewed coffee to everyone. To celebrate their 1st Anniversary, MORCO COFFEE introduced their drip coffee pack and expanded their food menu. MORCO COFFEE has consistently provide an environment where great conversations and coffee are shared. “Our mission here in MORCO COFFEE is to share our passion for brewing a great cuppa of coffee.” said Matthew Chong, CEO OF MORCO COFFEE.

To celebrate this special day, a list of program was conducted during the event. First event on hand was to introduce MORCO COFFEE’s house blend which was Hi-Fi – a nutty & earthy finishing  and Monian – a chocolatey flavour that comes with hints of apricot. After that, lucky guests was given a chance to try to make their own latte art! Next, a coffee hand-brewing demonstration was held, guests gather all around the Hand-Brew counter to get a glimpse of different hand-brewing methods including V60 and Aeropress Chemex. After the demonstration was over, there was a cupping session where all guests got a chance to taste the single origin beans which is from Kenya and Costa Rica.

To further enhance everyone’s excitement, MORCO COFFEE surprised the guests with their newly crafted menu. To satisfy every customer’s taste buds, five new dishes was introduced. A salad dish – Morco Greens. A seafood pasta dish that comes with calamari and tiger prawn – Fruit in the Sea. The Champ Roast Chicken – a roasted chicken leg served with a bed of sweet pumpkin that comes with savoury flavours. Three pancake stacks with mixed berry and green gelato – Matcha Pancake. Lastly Banana Crumble – Nutella banana served with crumble and gelato which would satisfy your sweet tooth. This menu have not officially launch therefore it is a special treat for the guest to be the first to try the menu. But it would soon be available to everyone in the near future.

Brewing fresh coffee has never been easier! MORCO COFFEE Drip Coffee Pack is a convenient and easy way to brew coffee hassle free. All you need is just a cup & hot water and you will get to enjoy delicious fresh coffee wherever you go! Brewing Instruction: Place Drip Pack on your favourite mug, slowly pour 150-180ml of hot water into Drip Pack and Enjoy a cup of Great Coffee! Soon, this house-blend dripper pack would be available on sale in participating MORCO COFFEE stores.

MORCO COFFEE also introduced their first MORCO COFFEE Licensing Program to the public. This way, their great coffee could be shared to more people and curate more coffee knowledge to the neighbourhood. Great coffee are more accessible to people around the Klang Valley in the future.

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